Video Entries

The annual Video Competition is open to students in Years 10-13 (or equivalent) throughout the UK.  If you don’t have the facilities to produce a video entry, please visit our Regional Heats page for information about events near you.

Video Competition Request for Proposal 2016-2017

The Foundation Society has announced its intention to launch the first deep-water exploration of Europa, and will work in conjunction with the European Space Agency. Companies are invited to tender proposals for a sub surface ocean base station just below the crust of Europa, currently estimated to be three times the volume of Earth’s oceans and with an acidity possibly as low as pH3. The station will house a total of 24 technicians and scientists who will operate deep-water remotely operated submersibles. The station and submersibles must be able to collect and analyze samples from the ocean environment and handle newly discovered life forms. It is imperative that the station does not contaminate Europa’s ocean.

Proposals should include full structural details of the base station and diagrams of the robotic submersibles. A description of the possible types of living entities that might be encountered should also be given.

Video Competition 2016-17 Rules

a) All teams must consist of between 8 and 12 students in Years 10-13 (or equivalent).  If your team is made up of fewer then 8 people, please get in touch with us.

b) There must be a shot of the entire team at the end of your video.

c) Video entries are limited to 3 minutes long.  Judges will give equal value to: (i) scientific accuracy, (ii) imagination and creativity, (iii) communication and enthusiasm and (iv) effectiveness at meeting the Request for Proposal (RFP).  Entrants are expected to make reasonable assumptions about aspects not covered by the RFP.

d) Teams should upload their video privately to YouTube and email the link to along with the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page completed with all team information.

Teams are advised that a great variety of skills are required to create a good video, so you are encouraged to recruit members from various backgrounds including, (but certainly not limited to), engineering, art and design, and public speaking.

Video Competition 2016-17 Timeline – Thank you for all the amazing videos that you have submitted – the video competition is NOW CLOSED!

Video competition opens: Wednesday 28 September 2016

Video competition closes: Sunday 18 December 2016 at 23:59hrs

Video competition results announced: Monday 16 January 2017

Team Registration Spreadsheet 2016-17 Video Entries