2012-13 Competition

Stage 1: The Application Stage

For the 2012-13 video applications, students were asked to design a new residential unit for the Bastia Settlement on the asteroid 4660 Nereus:

The year is 2083. The Foundation Society has requested a video advertisement for its new Bastia settlement, a 1000-person settlement designed to support the future and nickel mining of asteroid 4660 Nereus during a four-year mission. The advertisement should be aimed at attracting all personnel necessary to run the settlement.

Potential advertisers should note that all personnel will be initially recruited on a 4-year contract and that only specialized personnel with a functional role are permitted to take part in the mission. Special attention should be paid to personnel safety and comfort to ensure maximum recruitment of personnel.

The teams selected for the 2013 UKSDC Final were:

Full Teams

  • Nonsuch Space Ventures Ltd, Nonsuch High School for Girls
  • Pate’s Astronautic and Space Society, Pate’s Grammar School
  • Gaia Astronautics, The Redcliffe Sixth Form Centre
  • Aether, Henrietta Barnett School
  • Space Rocks, Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls
  • Asteroid Advertising, Watford Grammar School for Girls
  • NIM Corp, John Hampden Grammar School
  • Frangible Nuts, Turton Sixth Form
  • Orion, Cardiff Sixth Form College
  • Terminal Velocity, Drayton Manor High School
  • Rye St Anthony, Rye St Antony School
  • Trinity Skymine, Trinity School

Four Person Teams (in no particular order)

  • Paddington Academy, Paddington Academy
  • Team Sombrero, The High School Glasgow
  • Astro Habitats, Meldrum Academy
  • Infinitas, Portsmouth High School (Full team reserve)
  • Orion, Newcastle Royal Grammar School
  • Bishop Hedley Science Club, Bishop Hedley High School

In addition to this, the following teams have been placed in reserve:

Four Member Teams Reserve (in order)

  • Debonair Solutions, City Academy
  • Cosmos, Hayden School
  • Westfield Asteroid Space Agency, Westfield School
  • Whitgift School, Whitgift School