2013-14 Competition


The 2014 final asked students to present designs for a mobile space settlement housing 10,000 people, and designed to move small near-Earth asteroids close to the Earth and the Moon where they could be mined and processed.

The winning design, proposed by ‘Grumbo Aerospace’, was highlighted by the judges for its innovative ideas for zero-gravity sports, detailed solutions to oxygen production issues, and use of machine learning to improve automation. The team included students from Nonsuch High School for Girls, Cardiff Sixth Form College, Trinity School, Wallington County Grammar School who had earned their places either by winning at a regional heat or in a video competition.

Micro Competitions

The 2014 Competition featured micro competitions for the first time. These events are scaled down version of the main competition aimed at students aged 11-14. The younger students received the same Request for Proposal (RFP) as the older students and performed fantastically.


Central London: Holland Park School
West London: Westminster Academy
South London: Trinity School and the City of London Academy (Southwark)

Regional Competitions

The 2014 Competition saw the expansion of the regional competitions held from November to February which feed in to the national final in March.


Central London: Seven Kings High School
Central England: Riddlesdown Collegiate
South London: Trinity School, Croydon
Wales: Cardiff Sixth Form College
West London: Wallington County Grammar School, and Sungrazers