and the winner is……

Spacebus Z

 CEOs Victoria Farrant and Brian Kong
The Charter School
Littleover Community School
St Olave’s Grammar School
The Waid Academy



Congratulations to all of the amazing students that took place in the 2018 finals – you are all winners for getting there!

The following twelve students have been selected to represent the UK in the International Space Settlement Design Competition. This will take place at the Kennedy Space Center at the end of July.

UK Team (in alphabetical order)

Shayne Beeghadur     St Olave’s Grammar School

Leo Bennett                   St Olave’s Grammar School

Eve Bracken-Ingram   Waid Academy

David Evans                  St Olave’s Grammar School

Jonathan Haehner     Waid Academy

Rory Hamilton            Waid Academy

Ellie Hotopf                 The Charter School

Nadiya Ivahnenko      St Olave’s Grammar School

Daniel Millett             The Charter School

Orlagh Simpson         Littleover Community School

Freddie Skerrett         St Olave’s Grammar School

Jai Wall                       The Charter School

Reserves (in order)

1st  reserve   Struan Anderson  Waid Academy

2nd reserve   Kayleigh Hoang                St Olave’s Grammar School

3rd reserve   Laura Johnston                Waid Academy

4th reserve   Gregoire Dastros-Pitei  St Olave’s Grammar School