Author: Jenny Lyons

2016-17 Competition

International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC)

Calling all reserves from the UK SDC Finals!

The ISSDC has extended an invitation to an extra team of eight students from the UK. We would initially like to offer places to the reserves from the winning company, Dougeldyne-Flechtel, and then to anyone else in that company. Any reserves from other teams are also welcome to apply. Due to funding constraints, these places will have to be self funded, and flights are likely to be in the region of £1,100. Additionally there will be accommodation, food and transportation to be covered.

The teams are travelling out on the 25th of July and return on the 2nd of August. 

If you think you are in a position to take up this offer, please email me.

[email protected]

Places are offered on a first come basis



2016-17 Competition

EU Team Representatives



The representatives chosen for the EU team are as follows:


Joe Crowther    The Brooksbank School

Eleanor Collin  Darwen Aldridge Community College

Kamil Szyska   Darwen Aldridge Community College

1st Reserve      KirstyRodger            Waid Academy

2nd Reserve    Matthew Anderson   Waid Academy


Andrew Hughes  Eltham College

Parmis Fadavi Hosseini  Bede’s 

Theo Macklin     Dulwich College

1st reserve:  Kozma Prelevic   Bede’s

2nd reserve: Manoj Abhishetty  Eltham College

Spacebus Z

Annabelle York   Nonsuch High School for Girls

Aadil Kara         Queen Elizabeth’s School

Brian Kong        Queen Elizabeth’s School

1st reserve:   Puja Soneji   Hababerdasher’s Aske’s Girls  

2nd Reserve: Owen Richards  Altrincham Grammar School for Boys


Shayne Beeghadur    St Olave’s

Ashvin Arulnathan    Cardiff Sixth Form College

Sherry Deng             Cardiff Sixth Form College

1st Reserve     Farid Aletomeh    St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

2nd Reserve    Leo Bennet     St Olave’s

We will contact your school to give details of these places, but please feel free to email and ask any questions you may have.


2016-17 Competition

NASA team announcement

International Space Settlement Design Competition

The following students will represent the UK in the International Finals at the Kennedy Space Center the last weekend of July, 2017.

  • Aalia Adam                      Henrietta Barnett
  • Karolina Bentkowski        Westminster Academy
  • Zara Burton                      Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Stephen Darby                Sutton Grammar School
  • Euan Donovan-Hill          Sutton Grammar School
  • Tom Gale                         Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Shri Lekkala                    Westminster School
  • Hein Mante                     Westminster School
  • Liam Macdonald             Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Freddie  Poser                Westminster School
  • Cian Parr                         SPS  Science Club
  • Alex Radford                   Westminster School
  • Reserves:
  • (i) Owen Hutchings (Riddlesdown Collegiate)
  • (ii)  Sushanth Kollurur (Sutton Grammar School)