Author: Jenny Lyons

2016-17 Competition

NASA team announcement

International Space Settlement Design Competition

The following students will represent the UK in the International Finals at the Kennedy Space Center the last weekend of July, 2017.

  • Aalia Adam                      Henrietta Barnett
  • Karolina Bentkowski        Westminster Academy
  • Zara Burton                      Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Stephen Darby                Sutton Grammar School
  • Euan Donovan-Hill          Sutton Grammar School
  • Tom Gale                         Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Shri Lekkala                    Westminster School
  • Hein Mante                     Westminster School
  • Liam Macdonald             Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Freddie  Poser                Westminster School
  • Cian Parr                         SPS  Science Club
  • Alex Radford                   Westminster School
  • Reserves:
  • (i) Owen Hutchings (Riddlesdown Collegiate)
  • (ii)  Sushanth Kollurur (Sutton Grammar School)


2016-17 Competition

Watch this space!


Congratulations to everyone who competed – you gave the judges an extremely difficult task; their deliberations took a lot longer than usual.

The twelve NASA bound students from the winning company, (Doueldyne-Flechtel), will be announced later today.

The winning team consisted of students from Henrietta Barnett School, Riddlesdown Collegiate, Sutton Grammar School, SPS Science Club, Westminster Academy and Westminster School. 

There is also an opportunity for outstanding contributors from other companies to join the EU team in the International Finals at the Johnson Space Center: details of  when these results will be announced will also be published tonight.


2017 Competition

UK Space Design Challenge Event Schedule March 18-19


Time Activity     Saturday 18 March Room
08:15 Arrive at Imperial College London Exhibition Road main entrance. Registration Main
09:00 Welcome to the Space Design Challenge! CG 200
09:20 The Space Quiz Show – Anita Gale CG 200
09:45 What will happen this weekend? Trisha Saxena, Exec Chairs depart CG 200
10:15 How companies work – Anita Gale CG 200
10:25 You’re a professional now! Trisha Saxena CG 200
10:35 Groups move to RSM, Students to company headquarters. Adults to G1.31
10:45 Company assignments (Students): Dougledyne – Fletchtel G.39, Spacebus Z, G.20, Rockdonnell G.38, Grumbo Aerospace, G. 39, Vulture Aviation G.41
11:15 Technical training sessions (Accompanying Adults welcome):

Structural Engineering, G. 38, Operations Engineering, G.39, Human Engineering, G.20, Automation Engineering, G.41, Management, G.32

12:30 Companies occupy headquarters to begin designs As above
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch – Groups will be called to lunch on a rota system. Please remain in your company headquarters until you are called. G.35
18:00 Dinner – Groups will be called to dinner on a rota system. G.35
22:00 Students proceed to overnight accommodation with accompanying adults.


Time Activity           Sunday 19 March Room
08:00 Submit finished Power Point design proposals, on USB RSM
08:45 Assemble for design presentations CG. 200
09:00 First design presentation All teams present, Open audience.
09:45 Second design presentation
10:30 Third design presentation break following
11:25 Fourth design presentation
12:10 Fifth design presentation
12:50 Groups move to Company HQ in RSM for lunch on rota system

Visitors and teachers to



14:00 Groups move from Department of Earth Science & Engineering to lecture theatre CG. 200


Judges’ debriefing and announcement of winning design


CG 200