2016 Competition

ISSDC Day 6 – 31/7

After almost having to force the team to sleep last night, today they were up bright and early to head back to the Kennedy Space Centre to continue their work on the space station which aims to lay the groundwork for terraforming Mars. The team have been working hard all day and are still hard at work whilst this entry is being written in the small hours of the next day.

The team have worked so hard and are well on their way to designing a station of which they should all be very proud.

We wish the best of luck to the team as the deadline steadily approaches!

2016 Competition

Terraforming Mars

Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

The team arrived early yesterday morning at the Kennedy Space Centre ready to start the design process of their space station which is to have the express purpose of terraforming Mars so that it may become habitable for humans. The team was briefed for the task ahead and then took the time to elect their presidents and heads of department. Congratulations to Victoria Farrant, Matthew Braz, James Drummond, Jacob Robertson, and Natasha Cowan from the UK team and Jonathan Heywood from the UK but on the EU team for being elected into management positions.

We wish the teams the best of luck going into day 2 where the majority of the work will be done.