Author: Randall Perry


Central London regional filling up fast

The central London regional held at Imperial College on December 2 ┬áhas 20 remaining places. Registration has just opened, school is not in session, yet registrations are coming in fast. There are a lot of places with 9 regionals spread throughout the UK with 80 students participating in each. That’s 720 places. With registration just open, 158 places are taken.


Fall regional registration opened this week.

With the registration just open and with the August holiday season in high gear, one would not expect that 122 registrations would have already been made. Of course there are 720 total spots over the nine regional locations. But for males, one of those competitions is female only so there are less male openings. Imperial College London has 32 or 80 slots left and will likely be the first to fill up. Westminster Academy is the only other challenge in London this year. The next closest are Eastbourne and Oxford.

Galactic Challenge 2017

Galactic Challenge at Wapping School

From left to right, Alison Ahearn, Katja Morris, Louis Lyle and Jenny Lyons helping with the Galactic Challenge at Wapping School. Dr. Kerstyn  Comely (not pictured) helped organize the event. Alison is the Deputy director of the Galactic Challenge, a principal teaching fellow at Imperial College London and has volunteered for 8 years with SDC. She is also trustee of the Space Science Engineering Foundation. Katja Morris is an alumni and veteran NASA team member representing the UK. She is currently the the assistant Head of Education and Outreach to Jenny Lyons. Louis is a long term volunteer and alumni of the Space Design Challenge. Also a NASA veteran, he has traveled as a volunteer to many of the SDC events. He just graduated with a 1st in Mathematics and has served for four years on the SDC board. He is currently working with Katja on social media as well as putting out the SDC news letter. Jenny Lyons is the Head of Education for the Space Science Engineering Foundation and the Director of the Galactic Challenge and the SDC.