2016 Competition

Day 4 with a big success for the UK…

Victoria Farrant is the president of Rockdonnell. And it seems that, need verification, that two other of the UK team members are in high ranking positions and two of the EU team members are as well. I am sure that Victoria will be very busy as president but will fill us in with who was elected to what position later. From now on there will not be much time for shopping, swimming or sleep until Monday night.

2016 Competition

From Victoria and Helen in Titusville, Florida

This morning, 16 bright-eyed, eager students arrived at Gatwick airport along with our two keen supervisors, and quickly donned our Hawaiian lei flower necklaces (which attracted many questions from security officers).

After a 9-ish hour flight we landed in Florida where we were immediately hit by the humidity and a quick rainstorm, and eventually we made our way to the Holiday Inn, Titusville.

The main learning point achieved today was: do not try to smuggle in anything to the USA – by which of course I am referring to cucumbers and apples. This we discovered when Tash attempted to bring in 5 cucumbers and 6 apples to Florida, before being informed that they were going to be incinerated (or “disintegrated’ according to Tash).

Overall, it’s been a very interesting, exciting, and cucumber-filled day, and we’re all looking forward to the rest of the trip! šŸ™‚

2016 Competition

Five weeks to go!

Hope all 230 participants from England, Scotland and Wales* are getting into theĀ mindset of being 60 years in the future. Have a great half term break!

*This year, for the first time, the UK SDC will host a small group of students from European countries including Brussels, Greece, Germany and France and four students from Singapore.