Greetings and Salutations!!

Last night Edwards Smith, President of the Foundation Society, sent a Greetings and Salutations letter to team leaders for dissemination to all company personnel.

Further documentation from the Foundation Society will be distributed on Thursday 17 March at 12noon.

UK Finals Company Allocations

For all of you eager to see who you will be working with, here is the list of company allocations for the 2016 UK Final!

Dougledyne Fletchtel
Alberg Science Club
Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham
Scarborough schools – Scalby School, Scarborough College, Scarborough Sixth Form College
Westminster School

Grumbo Aerospace
Chipping Norton School
Craigmount High School
Heanor Gate Science College
Kingham Hill School
Lady Manners School
Trinity School, Croydon
United World College of South East Asia, Singapore

Bishop’s Stortford College
Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls
St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School
St Lawrence College, Athens
Sutton Grammar School

Vereinigten Flugfahrten
Project HaDeS
St Paul’s School, London
The European School of Mol, Antwerp
The Henrietta Barnett School
The High School of Glasgow

Vulture Aviation
Bede’s Senior School
Cardiff Sixth Form College
James Krajicek
Mark Konieczny
Omega Space Club
Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital School, Bristol

UK Finals 2016 – What to Expect

Attending the UK Finals in March this year?  Why not check out our What to Expect page?

You’ll find Frequently Asked Questions and information about how to be selected to the UK team for the International Space Settlement Design Competition as well as information on the UK Finals.

General UK Finals Information

General information about the UK Finals weekend can be found here.  Information for parents and carers can be found here.

Teachers and team leaders will receive further detailed information about the UK Finals weekend in the next two weeks.

Note for new attendees to UKSDC

Just to remind all those new attendees that the Finals competition lasts for two days, unlike the Regional Heats that get completed in a single day. Each of the five companies will consist of 46 employees, so this means that your role this time is likely to be more specialised. If the last few years are anything to go by, sleep becomes something of a luxury as each company starts to demand more of their employees before the last day dawns!