Administration Documents

These are documents required to register for certain parts of the UKSDC:

Video Competition Team Registration Spreadsheet

Please fill out this registration spreadsheet and email it to in order to enter your video into the video competition.

Infomation Documents

These documents may be useful to look at before your competition:

Competition Overview

This document gives a general overview of the UKSDC as a whole. It is meant as a starting point for those interested in the structure and timeline of the UKSDC, and for those confused about where to start.

To Bring List

This is a list of some recommmendations that we have had from several alumni over the past couple years of what to bring to a UKSDC event, whether regional or national.

UKSDC Opening Presentation

This is a presentation often shown at the beginning of the day at some UKSDC regionals. It gives a basic outline of the competition structure and what you do for a regional heat.

Other Resources

These are additional resources that you may find useful:

UK Space Design Competition: A journey

This book was written and contributed to by several UKSDC judges, alumni, and volunteers. It was written to be an insight into UKSDC from the people inside the competition, and to be another resource for those interested in the field of space science engineering.