Advanced Materials Group

Advanced Materials Group (AdMaG)

Advanced Materials Group (AdMaG) are the industry leaders in the supply of specialist plastics, composites, and aerogels. They operate from locations throughout the solar system.

AdMaG produces unformed bulk material to customers’ or their own specifications. Their own products include a transparent PMMA equivalent with a working temperature up to 675 K (this can be used in windows by applying the formula from Adaptive Allotropy with a σmax of 70 MPa), and a space rated carbon-nanotube-mesh reinforced polycarbonate with a maximum temperature of 500 K and a yield strength of 130 MPa. These materials have densities of 1,190 kgm-3 and 1,240 kgm-3 and prices of $1.60 per kg and $0.85 per kg respectively.

AdMaG regularly produces specialist orders to customer specifications at their sites around the solar system. They can source materials themselves, charging the market rate for materials plus $0.05 per kg sourced and shipping costs of said materials, or receive materials directly from the customer. They charge $7.50 per kg of material produced to customer specifications, with a minimum contract size of 5 tonnes of material. Specialist orders of structured composites are produced formed with an added fee of $5 per kg.

AdMaG sells silica, carbon, and alumina aerogels at a price of only $2,000 per kg. These are produced on-site with specialist equipment. The transport of the equipment and raw stock is included in the price of the material, but a minimum order size of 30 kg is in place. This aerogel is increasingly being used as a filler material between the layers of Whipple shield panel.

AdMaG processes their plastics, composites, and aerogels at Liberty, a Martian Mining Settlement, and Arial respectively.

AdMaG are the sole manufacturers and distributors of Flusshalt-X, a polymer-based radiation shielding material designed by Kepler Automation. This material is available in 1o mm thick panels or can be formed like any other thermoplastic as required. As a rule of thumb, it has five times the linear attenuation coefficient of steel against all types of radiation. It has a density of 1,200 kgm-3 and is priced at $70 per kg.

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In return for licensing their Flusshalt-X radiation shielding material to AdMaG, Kepler Automation are able to claim significant discounts on it and other products manufactured by AdMaG. For Foundation Society contracts, this discount is limited to 20%.

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