Condor MFR

Condor MFR

The Multi-Fuel Rocket is a system that we’re very proud of; providing heavy-lift capacity at 15% lower carbon emissions than others in field! How do we do it? That would spoil the magic! All we’ll say is that we have some of the best chemical engineers in the game who specialise in the enrichment of bio-fuels to increase their power density, and we’re very good at modelling solid particulates in combustion mixtures.

The Condor MFR launches out of the Republic of Nauru, an island nation lying very close to the equator, in order to maximise the vehicle’s lift capacity. As such, the Condor MFR is able to lift 150 tonnes into Low Earth Orbit at a price of only $7,000,000 per launch due to their cheap, but effective, manufacturing methods of bio-fuels.

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Due to the fact that Condor is manufacturing its own propellants in house, they are able to claim a 20% reduction in the listed costs for Foundation Society contracts.

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