Earhart Skunkworks

Earhart Skunkworks is the materials research and development arm of Earhart Advanced Industries. As an owned entity, they are subject to the 20% reduction rule for Foundation Society contracts. AS such, EAI may use EAI Skunkworks products at 80% of the listed price.

EAI-Skunkworks’ primary product is a soft-magnetic titanium alloy. The material achieves a yield strength of 1250 MPa, and an ultimate tensile strength of 2000 MPa at standard conditions. These strengths halve every 600 degrees, up to its melting point of 2023 K. The density and other mechanical properties are equivalent to other high-performance titanium alloys. The excellent thermal performance is believed to be due to the formation of a solid solutions of nickel within the metal structure, although the exact chemical composition is clearly a trade-secret! However, you can purchase this material for only $40/kg from EAI-Skunkworks for use in all your space related applications.

This webpage refers to a fictional company which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.