In 2030, Earhart Advanced Industries acquired the launch service provide VALIANT, that company becoming Earhart-VALIANT. Earhart-VALIANT operates two classes of vehicles, Aquila and Grypus. The small Aquila vehicle, originally developed to support lunar mining, hold the distinctions of being the most-launched platform on Earth.

The Aquila launch vehicle can lift 100 metric tonnes into orbit for a price of $5,000,000 per launch from Earth into anywhere within Low Earth Orbit, with this capacity being reduced to 80 tonnes for launches to L1.The Grypus rocket is able to carry 225 tonnes into Low Earth Orbit and 200 to L1, although come at the cost of $11,000,000 per flight. Due to Earhart-VALIANT’s ongoing campaign to reduce climate impact, neither vehicle may be launched in an expendable configuration, instead imposing the requirement that the vehicle return to launch site in all cases.

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For Foundation Society contracts, Earhart Advanced Industries are able to claim a 20% reduction in launch costs with Earhart-VALIANT.

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