Extreme Survival Technologies

Extreme Survival Technologies

Following a suit leak only 30 seconds in to his first space walk, founder Liam McDonnell was appalled by the low quality and safety standards of other privately sold space suits on the market. This led him to build up a team of experts from around the globe to design higher quality garments to ensure the safety of those wearing them.

Extreme Survival Technologies (EST) build spacesuits, and pressurised fabric furniture and impact protection systems (e.g. airbags and restraints) from its Alaskol facility. Its series of custom inflatable products are not rated for extravehicular use but cost only $500 dollars per m3 enclosed.

EST’s most popular products are its spacesuits however, with the most popular model being a hard shell suit customised for lunar operations but frequently used for other applications. Efficiencies of line production enable $9,000 unit costs. They are particularly well designed to deal with the dust of lunar and Martian operations.


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EST offer a substantial cost reduction on their products to Condor in thanks for the latter’s zero-cost patent-licensing scheme which has allowed EST to use their dust-tolerant seal designs. Condor are able to quote a 20% saving on EST products thanks to this relationship.

This webpage refers to a fictional company which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.