In 2024, following the severe damage to the ISS in a collision with a piece of space junk, Da Vinci Meccanica realised the need for a dedicated space debris removal system to protect major space assets from dangers of Kessler Syndrome. And thus STARRS was born. Standing for Space Trash Automated Retrieval and Repurposing System, we used our expertise in waste product recycling to convert much of the former space junk into materials for use in construction.

Should you wish to purchase a STARRS system to protect your space assets, prices start at $500,000 for protection of a satellite under 1m^3 and the price scales with the square root of structure volume for our basic service. which will remove any debris with a major length over 10cm from your orbit. For removal of debris down to a size of 5mm, you may purchase SSTARRS (Small Space Trash Automated Removal and Repurposing System) cover, which for only 1.8 times the cost of our basic cover, will help to keep your assets safe from those hand grenade like pieces of small space junk!

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Da Vinci Meccanica is able to claim a 20% reduction in cost of STARRS and SSTARRS cover, due to its involvement in developing the product.

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