Vigilant Systems

Vigilant Systems

Vigilant Systems was formed by the merger Vigilant Sensors and Systèmes de Purification in Q3 of 2030. They combined the expertise of Vigilant Sensors in chemical detection with the work of Systèmes de Purification in earth based air purification to produce a leading expert in atmospheric regulation, which rapidly gained a foothold in many major space settlements.

Vigilant Systems supplies atmospheric and water supply monitoring equipment that reliably and accurately detects chemical concentration changes. These sensors provide a serial data output and list all elements detected and their relative proportions. They provide two variants for their systems: passive and XRF.

The passive systems draw 0.5 W per sensor and output data in a constant stream with detection lower bound equivalent to 1,000 ppm and an accuracy of ±100 ppm for a cost of $100 per sensor. The passive sensor may only be used on fluid material and has a temperature range of 223-573K. The passive sensor is vulnerable to radiation and amounts in excess of 50,000 Becquerels may cause inaccurate results from sensors.

The XRF system draws 2,000 W during its triggered 10 second run time on a discrete sample of substance. This provides a detection lower bound of 50 ppb with an accuracy of ±10 ppb, however the sample is irradiated and made hazardous. This system costs $20,000 per unit and must be triggered to operate when a sample is in place. The XRF system may be used on matter in any form.

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