2016 Competition

ISSDC Day 4 – 29/7

Assassination in Celebration

A landmark in the town of Celebration, Florida

Today, we went to the town of Celebration – created by Walt Disney as the ideal ‘American town’. This was a really useful experience for the competition itself, as it provided an opportunity to get a feel for the type of settlement we might be designing. It was also very interesting due to a game of ‘Assassin’ which we attempted to play – and never finished.

We then arrived back to the hotel to meet our company members (whilst waiting hours to check into our rooms – much to Louis and Helen’s dismay and despair). In this time, we began to get to know our team members ready for the competition tomorrow.

The UK team is in Rockdonnell with American, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian teams.

The Western Europe team is in Grumbo with American, Indian, Welsh, and Uruguayan teams.

2016 Competition

Terraforming Mars

Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

The team arrived early yesterday morning at the Kennedy Space Centre ready to start the design process of their space station which is to have the express purpose of terraforming Mars so that it may become habitable for humans. The team was briefed for the task ahead and then took the time to elect their presidents and heads of department. Congratulations to Victoria Farrant, Matthew Braz, James Drummond, Jacob Robertson, and Natasha Cowan from the UK team and Jonathan Heywood from the UK but on the EU team for being elected into management positions.

We wish the teams the best of luck going into day 2 where the majority of the work will be done.

2016 Competition

Day 4 with a big success for the UK…

Victoria Farrant is the president of Rockdonnell. And it seems that, need verification, that two other of the UK team members are in high ranking positions and two of the EU team members are as well. I am sure that Victoria will be very busy as president but will fill us in with who was elected to what position later. From now on there will not be much time for shopping, swimming or sleep until Monday night.

2016 Competition

ISSDC Day 3 – 28/7

After a very early start, we went to Port Canaveral Jetty Park, to watch the Atlas 5 NROL 61 launch (which many of us almost missed, as we were in the sea.)

We then chilled on the beach all day – with some students going on an hours run!?! In 36 degree Celsius heat?!?

Having returned to the hotel, we lounged in the pool – playing water polo with numerous injuries including cramp – whilst other teams began to trickle in.

We finished the day with a trip to Cracker Barrel (with exceptional customer service, and healthy portion sizes), which we followed with more card games, ready to check out of our rooms by 7 tomorrow morning, ready for the room changes for the competition.

The UK and EU teams on the beach at Jetty Park

The UK and EU teams on the beach at Jetty Park

2016 Competition

ISSDC Day 2 – 27/6

Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something. – Plato

Today, we went shopping all day.


Key highlights included a 2-hour game of Mao, a failed game of Sardines, and the life-changing experience of Victoria’s Secret. We learnt a lot about the incredible sales-tactics in America, including humiliation over a build-a-bear minion, buffing men’s nails, “HELLO” as soon as you enter, and not including tax into ANY prices.

We then went to Walmart – which was a very surreal experience. With items ranging from shotguns (£200), opposite the life-vests, to pet food and ramen. It would have been extremely easy to get lost within the never-ending aisles.

To finish the day off, some people went swimming, and we played card games, ready for a very early 6:30 (am) leave from the hotel in the morning.