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Established in 2009

The UK Space Design Competition is a science, engineering and business challenge designed as a simulation of life in industry. Teams are given a list of requirements for a space settlement, and are tasked with coming up with a detailed design which they present to a panel of judges from industry, academia and business.

Open to UK secondary and sixth form students (years 10 – 13), teams can enter the UKSDC via our video competition or digital heats (introduced in 2020 to replace our usual regional heats in a COVID-secure way). Winning teams from these entry points take part in our national final; a residential competition weekend hosted by Imperial College London! A select group of winners are then invited to go from there to the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) at a NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

We aim to deliver engaging events that showcase the value that students could gain from further study or careers in STEM disciplines. We hope you choose to join us on this journey!


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The UKSDC Board

We’re lead by a board passionate about providing access to STEM activities to young people around the UK! With representatives from industry, academia and education, the UKSDC Board embraces a wide array of perspectives to deliver innovative, inclusive events!

Our Global Partners

“The past week has been the most amazing one of my life. I have learnt so much, from teamwork to my love and passion for my subject. This competition has allowed me to push myself and apply my previous knowledge from school to a more exciting and challenging medium. I don’t think I can possibly express how grateful I am for my spot… I will now aim to promote and encourage girls at my school to participate in such an incredible and rewarding experience, and hopefully inspire someone like it has inspired me.” Saffron Zainchkovskaya, ISSDC 2018



Students have to develop a space-based infrastructure that requires complex, challenging, and imaginative thinking leading to an increased interest in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

When people asked why I was going on the trip this summer, I told them ‘I’m going to build a space station in two days.’ I thought I was joking. It seems I really wasn’t.” – Former Student

At the UK Final, four companies of up to 50 students compete for a lucrative contract from the fictional Foundation Society to build a settlement somewhere in space. This company will have just 24 hours to design their settlement for more than 10,000 inhabitants, dealing with everything from structural engineering to communications, entertainment to food production, and construction timelines to comprehensive costings. The next day they will present their final design proposal to a panel of expert judges.

We gained new insight and discovered hidden talents….Many of these skills have become crucial factors in our college lives.” – Former Student

Selected members of the winning team are then invited to represent the UK at the International Final at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando.

For more details of what the competition involves, take a look at our ‘What to Expect’ .