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UK Space Design Competition

What is the UKSDC?

The UK Space Design Competition is a science, engineering and business competition designed as a simulation of life in industry! Open to UK students in Years 10 to 13, the UKSDC gives students a taste of the vast potential offered by future study, or even a career, in STEM!

How does it work?

There are two ways to enter the UKSDC for the 2020/2021 competition year – through our digital heats or our video competition. Both are held this Autumn, with the successful teams invited to join us in March at the national final! We invite teams of between 8 and 12 participants in years 10 to 13 (or equivalent) to enter, with most teams coming as school groups or science clubs!

Promoting STEM since 2009

The UKSDC was founded by Dr Randall Perry back in 2009! The competition has grown steadily since then, and in 2018 we celebrated out 10th year of hosting space design competitions in the UK!

We’re not alone though! In fact, the UKSDC is part of a global family of SDC partners running events across North America, Asia, Australia and Europe!


Win a trip to NASA

A select group of winners each year are invited to form the UK Team to compete at the International Space Settlement Design Competition – held in July at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center!

Our Amazing Supporters

The SSEF and the UKSDC are proud to be supported by organisations from across industry, academia and the charity sector!