Welcome to the UKSDC: a competition all about science, engineering, technology, management, and innovation. Taking part in the UKSDC you will be part of a large, industry-style team trying to win the contract to build a settlement somewhere in the solar system! Designing to fulfil the intricate demands of your client while overcoming the challenges of spaceflight, you will work to produce a presentation to communicate your design to experienced judges.

When joining the UKSDC, you will join our Mentoring Scheme where you will have the opportunity to work on preliminary problems that will help you to prepare for our qualifying rounds. If you qualify for our National Finals, you will be invited to join us for a two-day event at Imperial College London the following March.

Mentoring Scheme

The UKSDC Mentoring Scheme is here to onboard you into this complicated competition and keep you up to date with changes to events and rules. Furthermore, whether this is your first UKSDC or your fourth, the Mentoring Scheme is here to challenge you to improve your technical and teamworking skills ready for your qualifying heat. Furthermore, the mentoring scheme is how you’ll receive feedback and be given the opportunity to qualify for the finals in the event that you don’t win your heat.

Digital and Regional Heats 2022

We will be returning to hosting in person regional heats for the 2022/2023 competition cycle, with up to 10 competitions lined up already. There will also be up to 2 digital heats held online for those who are unable to make it to their local in person competition.

The winning team (or teams) from each heat will be invited to attend our National Final next March!

UKSDC National Finals

Successful teams in the regional competition and digital heats converge in March for a weekend-long event at Imperial College London. The event features the same format as our regional heats, but on a much bigger scale! A selection of the winners are then invited to join the UK Team and attend the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in the following July/August