Get Involved

You’re ready to take the dive – it’s great to have you on board or coming back to us! We’ve changed our registration process a little bit compared to previous years in order to be able to provide the best experience that we can. Please fill in the form below to register, including the email of your team’s responsible adult (for example a teacher or a responsible parent/guardian), your team size, and your preferred Regional or Digital Qualifier (see dates and all available options by clicking on the link). We also ask that you provide an email address for a senior student member of your team, as this allows us to directly send important competition information to the teams, without the delay associated with it having to pass via the supervising adult (who will still be CC’d into all email communications for safeguarding purposes). This helps to promote student leadership and vastly reduce the workload for the responsible adult, down to an almost negligible level, as students can complete all the necessary sign up tasks and any communication with the UKSDC team themselves.

If you are struggling to form a team that complies with the Rules of Entry listed below, please contact [email protected]. We can provide you with advice on how to attract more members/whittle down your applications to the maximum number of competitor allowed. We may be able to assist by pairing you with other local teams, or helping you to promote the competition within your school by providing advertising resources to get more students interested in our space industry simulation. Needless to say if you or a student of yours wishes to compete, it is our mission to make that possible for them, so we will strive to assist however we can!

Once signed up, you will receive emails from  [email protected] about the details of your team and qualifying heat. You do not need to give us full details of your team (names, emails, allergies etc) until the week before your regional, but we do need to know how many students you want to enter so that we can balance the attendance of our events! Please ensure that you have sent [email protected] a full attendance list with names and email addresses for the competing students at least a week before the event.

If it is necessary to change students on the day due to illness or unavailability, please tell us when you arrive and have their details handy. For alterations to attendance at online events, please email the amendments (additions and removals) to [email protected] as early as possible although we may not be able to get students online until after the opening presentation.

The Rules of Entry

  1. Teams may consist of between 4 and 12 students, all between Years 10 and 13 (in England/Wales, or equivalent elsewhere in the United Kingdom).
  2. Each team must have a designated supervising adult (over the age of 18). This can be a teacher (in the case that a team’s affiliated organisation is a school), or a chosen parent/guardian. This person will be included in all correspondence with the teams for safeguarding.
  3. Registration of a team using the provided form indicates permission has been given by a parent/guardian for a team member to participate.
  4. Only one team may be associated with an institution in order to give as many people the opportunity to get involved as possible. In order to enter as an unaffiliated team, no more than half of your team members may attend the same educational institution (e.g. a team of 12 may have 6 members from school A, 4 from school B, and 2 from school C, but may not have 7 from school A). If you are oversubscribed and interested in registering a second team, please contact [email protected] direct. Should additional space become available, interested parties will be contacted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. Students are expected to act in a professional and respectful manner when interacting with the other competitors and UKSDC/Venue staff at all times. UKSDC supervisors will be monitoring at all times and reserve the right to remove individual competitors or entire teams deemed to be violating this rule