Subcontractors are companies that you can hire within the competition to provide your company with specific goods or services. Both in the real world and in the UKSDC, engineering subcontractors are the backbone of large projects; allowing prime contractors to tap into specialist knowledge, facilities, and experience.

You should keep track of all of the subcontractors that you use in your design, including the costs of their services. You will need to put these in your presentation. While that might be a pain, it’s better than having to design everything yourself!

Our subcontractors are divided into categories below:

Costing Resource

As of 2024, the UKSDC is trying out a new resource to help with costing.

This is a big Microsoft Excel spreadsheet which hosts common costs within the UKSDC university, but it is far from exhaustive. We hope that it will help as an explicit guide for some costs and a good point of comparison for competitors to estimate the costs of resources that they need.

It is designed to be used in Microsoft Excel, primarily via the filters at the top of the table. Excel is a very powerful tool, and you may wish to experiment with the filters and sorting functions which might help with your technical decision-making.

If this file is present on the website, please take the costs within the spreadsheet to be accurate, rather than information on this website. We may have adjusted the availability and prices of some resources for your event.

The file is approximately 5.2 Mb, so please consider downloading it and checking it before travelling to your event.