National Final

Competing on the National Stage

Undeniably, the greatest benefit of qualifying for the UKSDC National Final is the chance to get yourself stuck into yet more space design. Additionally, it gives students a chance to distinguish themselves as exceptional within the fields of science, engineering, teamwork and project management. These achievements are exactly the kind of thing that stand out on any university application. 12 hardworking students will be selected to represent the UK at the International Space Settlement Design Competition, and one of those 12 could be you!

What To Expect

The Space Design Competition National Finals take place over two days at Imperial College London (South Kensington Campus). Registration for the 250 finalists begins at the main entrance at 08:30 on Saturday. Following a similar format to the regionals, the students are divided into 5 different companies, each consisting of around 50 students from 4 to 6 school teams.

Company rooms based at Imperial College London are available until 22:00 when the students depart for their overnight accommodation.

Accommodation is provided by the Space Science & Engineering Foundation on Saturday night. Catering is provided by the Space Science & Engineering Foundation.

Final designs must be submitted, with up to 50 power point slides, early on Sunday morning. Judging begins about 30 minutes after the submission deadline, with each company giving a 30-minute presentation on their design followed by 10 minutes of judges’ questions. The winners are announced in the afternoon and all competition activities will be concluded by 5 pm.