NASA – Waid Academy students get mention in Scottish Parliament – UK Space Design Competition

The winning team from the University of Edinburgh regional competition not only went on to be part of the winning team at the UKSDC finals, with four team members going to the ISSDC at the Kennedy Space Center, but now have

Winning Company 2019 UKSDC Finals

The winning company – Grumbo Aerospace from Dulwich College, Waid Academy, Scotland, Bede’s Senior School and Henrietta Barnet. Students arriving early Saturday at Imperial College main entrance. The David Dangoor award for innovative ideas and the Richard Edwards award for Quiet Leadership.

Video Competition Results 2019

Thank you for all of the great videos you sent in – once again you have impressed with your intelligence, imagination and enthusiasm. The lengthy deliberations of the judges are finally over, and the following are their selection to join the finals in March: (in alphabetical order) Bede’s Bournemouth School for Girls’ The Brooksbank School

How We Think and Learn

How We Think And Learn Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination. ~John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty, 1929 Catherine Twomey Fosnot Most people assume that learning results from teachers transmitting knowledge: clearly explaining concepts, procedures to be practiced, and facts to be memorized; then testing to assess retention

Why does the space competition work?

          Randall Perry March 30,2018 I am often asked why the Space Design Competition (SDC) format works. Whilst my quick fire response when in the throes of organising an event is often, “It’s all the students’ own work, not ours”; this does belie the research and development that underpins the setting up

2018 Finals Marcus du Sautoy

UK Space Design Competition Finals 2018 It was great to join all the students this weekend who took part in the UK Space Design Competition finals for 2018. This year the students were transported forward to the year 2038 where they were tasked with designing Bellevistat, a space settlement in orbit around the Earth-Moon L4 libration