Prime Contractors

Prime Contractors

Prime contractors are companies that are employed by a client to deliver a big and expensive project. In order to get that contract in the first place, the projects are ‘put to tender’ where a set of requirements are published. Companies that want a chance to win that lucrative contract must put forward their initial design proposals for the product. This is what you will be doing!

Your team will join forces with others to form the design team as a prime contractor. You will become part of a larger fictional company which will be able to offer unique benefits to your proposal, should you choose to use them. Click on a company logo to learn more about them.

All companies are welcome to purchase services from other prime contractors – the people you are competing against! The Foundation Society put firm rules in place to promote fair competition, however, you cannot use your own company’s services for any less than 80% of the price you would charge someone else for them.

The first space contractor in the game, historically favouring a cautious solutions, now continually advancing the state of the art across the entire field.

A European multinational who specialise in satellite technology, they are leaders in radiation management and habitation control.

A Martian logistics and resource trading company estimated to be the richest organisation ever. Information about the workings of the company is closely guarded.

An Australian agricultural, mining, and aviation contractor turned launch provider. Condor have a strong focus on logistics, safety, and governance.

An international design, medical, and architecture group with a focus on the human experience of life in space.

An Italian space exploration company promoting the concept of sustainable space travel and ecologically responsible settlement design.