Putting people in space and putting people first

Condor cares. Not just about our brand image or our shareholders, we care about people. The people we employ, the people who employ us, an the people who trust what we design and build. That’s why Condor has been voted the number one launch provider for customer service for ten years in a row and we’re trusted to operate over 30 independent stations around the Solar System,  and two Foundation Society settlements

Our Heritage (and not just the carrots)

The parent company started as Outback Vegan, an Australian based vegan consumer goods company founded in 1997, which had the aspiration of providing astronauts with space-efficient (no pun intended) food and to perform research and development activities for vegan food. Condor’s parent company is the largest vegan food provider in the world, and intent on assisting with fighting climate change, moved into the space settlement business. Outback Vegan created the subsidiary Condor to be exclusively focused on space exploration and settlement creation. We were initially successful with selling rocket fuel manufactured using the processes and facilities of existing food and drinks factories that were slated for decommissioning.

Condor moved into the launch vehicle business with resounding effect. We are proud of our reputation for producing high quality, affordable launch systems. Recently we have used our processing and manufacturing expertise to begin to research into zero gravity mining processing. While we might be a relative newcomer to the megaproject industry, Condor has great people who specialise in detail, because we know that it matters: we might be scientists, architects, engineers, but we always put human’s first, and  we know that what we do affects lives in a big way. The space settlement business is now our number one business priority, with our food and drinks revenue providing a stable income. What this means, is that we can afford to ‘think outside the box’ to try and make our designs the best they can be.

Our Partners

Extreme Survival Technologies

There’s not much to be said about EST that hasn’t been said already by someone more eloquent! We’re proud to have a zero-cost patent-licensing scheme with EST which has allowed them to make use of the techniques that we developed to prevent powered agri-products from abrading seals to protect their spacesuit joints from wearing out from regolith infiltration. That’s the kind of innovation that we love to spot and to make use of whenever we can!

Lossless Airlocks

It turns out that process engineering and airlock design have a lot in common! When our CEO met Aleksey Cochrane, she knew that he was the right guy to work with! Condor holds an equal stake in Lossless Airlocks alongside its CEO. By sharing manufacturing facilities, we get the benefits of each-others’ experience and developments. In fact, the sizing of the Lossless airlocks range is based off the old sizes of storage silo that we used to make! Being able to integrate our hulls to Lossless Airlocks’ units at the point of manufacture can save quite a bit of time and mass while improving safety.

We’re privileged to work with some of the best in the game, with amicable links to major systems developers and having several life-support providers as part of the Condor family. Cooperation is the road to success in any field, but it’s a matter of survival when you’re in space! So we’re glad that we can contribute to their work to make space that little bit safer.

Launching With Us

Most people know Condor for the MFR and our launch complex out in Nauru. The Multi-Fuel Rocket is a system that we’re very proud of; providing heavy-lift capacity at 15% lower carbon emissions than others in field! How do we do it? That would spoil the magic! All we’ll say is that we have some of the best chemical engineers in the game who specialise in the enrichment of bio-fuels to increase their power density, and we’re very good at modelling solid particulates in combustion mixtures.

To learn more about launching with us, please view Condor MFR in the subcontractors’ register.

This webpage refers to a fictional company which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.