Olympus Mons Trading Company

Keeping the Solar System Running.

Like Clockwork

OMTC services keep life off-Earth possible, moving over 1 Mt around the solar system every day. Estimates suggest that a Martian, Hermian, or space-dweller is always within arm’s reach of a product or material that was handled by OMTC. When you need it to get to you, OMTC is the only choice: in 30 years of operation no item that we have handled has arrived behind schedule*.

Perfect Every Time**

OMTC operates over 70 cargo handling facilities, both terranean and orbital. Using state of the art logistical motion planning, we achieve the highest energy efficiency and shortest transfer times of any cargo handling facilities. OMTC customers typically require 10% less delta-v to move their payloads than our closest competitor***.

OMTC has at least one facility in orbit around each major body in the inner solar system, with 25 around both Mars and Earth, all equipped with our signature ship-scale mass drivers and magnetic field recoil dampers.

Reaching New Heights

With the completion of the Nix Space Elevator at our home facility near Olympus Mons, OMTC now handles 98% of transport on and off Mars. This investment has toppled launch costs, making way for Mars to become the industrial centre of the solar system. OMTC is proud to support Martian companies by offering reduced lift-costs to new and small businesses. Contact OMTC to find out how we can help you to “elevate” your business.

The OMTC Advantage

OMTC is more than just shipping: contact us to find out about our mega-structures experience and how it can help to maximise the returns from your project. For independent projects, OMTC Design is able to leverage reduction of up to 5% on all interplanetary transport costs, and up to 10% reductions on Nix Facility costs. For Foundation Society Projects, we are able to offer 2% reductions on interplanetary transport costs, and 3% reductions on Nix Facility use. OMTC’s logistical efficiency enables projects undertaken with us to save up to 1% on the costs of all materials, products, and services from the Martian surface that are ordered through us****.

* Data excludes delays caused by intermediate suppliers, unforeseeable circumstances as defined by section 3.16 of the OMTC Transportation Services Terms and Conditions, and delays resultant from the Liberty Hijack of 2032. 

** ‘Perfection’ is as defined under section 4.4.1a of the OMTC Transportation Services Terms and Conditions.

*** Delta-v reductions are due to the availability of OMTC facilities at locations that enable refuelling. and magnetic acceleration of vehicles, thereby enabling more efficient trajectories to be adopted. OMTC cannot defy the laws of gravitation, as stated in section 7.89.1 of the OMTC Transportation Services Terms and Conditions.

**** Internally, up to 4% reductions are possible, however, only a 1% reduction is offered to partners/clients.

This webpage refers to a fictional company which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.