With the completion of the Nix Space Elevator in the caldera of Ascreaus Mons, OMTC Nix now handles 85% of transport on and off Mars, with vast reductions in transport costs. The first became operational in 2064, helping with the construction of Argonom, which is located only 2km away and contains the cargo management facilities to support elevator operation. The settlement is held in a stacked orbit through the use of a solar sail to facilitate its operation, an idea first proposed by Dr. Robert Forward way back in the 1980s.

The OMTC Nix Space Elevator has revolutionised cargo transport within the Martian system with its ability to transfer over 1000 CASSSCs an hour between an orbit of 10,000km and the surface of Mars. For a fee of only $5 per CASSSC, cargo may be transfered down to the surface and handled by the Argonom facilities ready for use or further distribution. Transport from the surface to the orbiting distribution centre comes at a cost of $20 per CASSSC.

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As stated on the OMTC webpage, Olympus Mons Trading Company are able to claim a 10% reduction in the cost of using Nix, a deal which surely ‘elevates’ any mission they are involved with in vicinity or Mars.

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