building together

Sapien makes spaces for people to express themselves in. From Mercury to Mars, Sapien has been the architect of hundreds of human-centric developments: putting people at the heart of our designs. From health to happiness, we design structures with soul to amplify human stories.

our values


Sapien believes that a better world is one that embodies the human spirit of innovation, discovery, and wonder in all things. That’s why we’re committed to designs that fulfil and enrich us.


In allegiance to our visionary designers and users, we strive to achieve exactly what is necessary for our developments to be the best they can be.


Purpose is the ally of beauty and enriches form beyond itself. Function drives our designs and our imaginations.


A three-part collaboration by Sapæn- the Danish flatpack furniture giant, Instruments Helvétique– a Swiss medical robotics and pharmaceuticals group, and 木漏れ日 (Komorebi)– the Honshu-based artistic architecture enterprise, Sapien was formed in 1983. A serendipitous liaison at ETH Zurich brought the three companies together, uniting by their shared drive towards a happier, healthier, and more beautiful future. For the site’s role in its foundation, Sapien has funded and designed the Shikaku (視覚) Institute for architecture, medicine, and health technology at ETH Zurich.

Offered terrestrial opportunities by the Foundation Society and private developers for urban redevelopment, Sapien implemented smart environments with innovative embodiments of light and form. Sapien’s earliest developments, in Belo Horizonte and Salvador, proved the potential for integrated living and digital organisation for city wards.

The opportunity for Sapien’s methods to be extended to a grander scale came in 1992 with the redevelopment of Astana during the phased dissolution of the Soviet Union. Famously, despite several issues during the re-entry of Kazakhstan into the free market, the “integrated city” proved that digital planning, human-aware environments, and pre-emptive healthcare could lead to happier living with greater individual agency.

Sapien’s first major super-terrestrial venture was the extension of the Freedom and Liberty space stations in 2030: including large viewing galleries on the new habitation modules. Sapien has continued to provide modules for and complete visions for off-world operations, tending to assist private investors.


Sapien’s acclaimed hospitals and medical centres have saved countless lives since their opening in the late 1980s. This is a trend we are proud to continue and to have brought to space, even designing and manufacturing specialist equipment for off-world care. Ventures offers protection and relief every year to thousands of people carving their own adventures in space.


To provide ad-hoc medical care at short notice, Sapien is proud to work with SpaceTrans Inc. to get medical professionals and patients where they need to be. Beyond medical care, Sapien believes that real human contact is at the centre of a happy life, and works with SpaceTrans to make it available to all.

This webpage refers to a fictional company which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.