UKSDC Finals and UK Team announcement for the ISSDC

Well done to all the participants at the UKSDC finals – your excellent presentations gave the judges a most difficult task. They said that this was the closest marking they had ever known on any UKSDC event.

The following schools (in alphabetical order) took part:

           Chipping Norton School

           City and Islington College

           Eltham College

           Kings Monkton School

           The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

           The Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls

           Henrietta Barnett School

           Hull Collegiate School

           Kendrick School

Liverpool Blue Coat School

           Malmesbury School

           Oxford International College

           Riddlesdown Collegiate

           Royal Grammar School High Wycombe

           Space Entrepeneur Society

           St George’s School for Girls

           St Mary Redcliffe and Temple

           St Olave’s Grammar School

           Waid Academy

           Wallington High School for Girls

           Westminster School


The winning company was Kepler Automation, and the following students have been selected to represent the          UK at the International Space Settlement Design Competition that will take place (this year online) from        Friday 30th July – Monday 2nd August 2021:

                                                                                            Atto Allas

Beatrice Bannister

Adishree Bansal

Bhuvan Belur

Charlie Campbell

Liam Donnelly

Anna Ebell

Charlie Horn

Rozalia Oppenheimer

Drew Padfield

Nathaniel Smith

William Yu

                               The three reserves are :  1st Reserve   Kyle McMillan

                                                                            2nd Reserve Hector Cross

                                                                            3rd Reserve   Louis Walsh

       Watch this space! Last year we were offered a few last minute spaces to even up team sizes; we will allocate these                 to CEO nominations from all finalist companies.

UKSDC Video Competition 2020/21 RESULTS



Each video was seen by three sets of judges, so either five or six people separately viewed each video. Judges marked each RFP point, as well as metrics for clarity of communication and the quality of the engineering concept. 

The judges’ recommendations and rankings were then passed to a group of senior judges for a final moderation. Based upon the number of places available at the National final in March, it was decided to take the top seven teams, and have the next three teams as reserves.

Things That Were Done Well 

  • Judges were impressed, overall, by the quality of the base vehicle designs and many videos showed excellent integration between the design and their functions.
  • The judges’ results indicated that RFP point five was the best fulfilled on average. 

Areas for Improvement

  • Some confusion was seen from some teams who did not appreciate the significant length of journey times and the human factors that would need to be accommodated for.
  • Some teams did not make use of the supporting documents and were not aware of the additional requirements contained therein.

UKSDC Finals March 19th – 21st 2021

The following teams have qualified for the UKSDC finals:

  1. Westminster School
  2. The Waid Academy
  3. Space Entrepreneur Society
  4. Oxford International College
  5. The Henrietta Barnett School
  6. St Mary Redcliffe and Temple Sixth Form Centre
  7. Hull Collegiate School

The following teams are reserves – we will notify you as soon as possible.

  1. Sutton Grammar School
  2. CSFC (Sigma)
  3. Wilson’s School