Video Competition Results 2019

Thank you for all of the great videos you sent in – once again you have impressed with your intelligence, imagination and enthusiasm. The lengthy deliberations of the judges are finally over, and the following are their selection to join the finals in March:

(in alphabetical order)

Bournemouth School for Girls’
The Brooksbank School
Drummond High School
Henrietta Barnett
Oxford International College
St Mary Redcliffe
Francis Holland

Runners up

Nonsuch High School (you will be notified if any places become available)


Craigmount ( Team Vortesa)

The EU team and reserves

The following have been invited to join the EU team. This is not funded by the UKSDC, and individuals will be expected to find their own sources of funding. We will happily advise on potential sources of funding if requested.

Dougeldyne (in alphabetical order)

  Georgia Aspinall – The Brooksbank School

   Corinne Barker – The Brooksbank School

   Emyr Williams – Dulwich College

Dougeldyne reserves(in order):

   Andre Nowaczek – Dulwich College

   Benjamin Miller – Dulwich College

   Emily Swift – Bournemouth School for Girls

Grumbo (in alphabetical order)

   Sherry Deng – Cardiff Sixth Form College

  Molly Fisher-Newton – Bede’s School

  Felix Larner – St Paul’s Catholic College

Grumbo reserves  (in order):

Amaan Abbas – Cardiff Sixth Form

Tim Scott-Ruit – Bede’s School

Michael Crummey – St Paul’s Catholic College

Rockdonnell (in alphabetical order)

 Bruce Lay – St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

 William Edwards – Trinity School of John Whitgift

 Ana Vukasovic – Kingham Hill School

Rockdonnell reserves (in order):

  Anastasia Sheptitskaya – Francis Holland School

   James Reid – Trinity School of John Whitgift

  Thomas Hudson – Woodchurch High School

Vulture (in alphabetical order)

Hugo Binelli-Thomas – Ardingley College

Sophia Lee Roberts – City of London School for Girls

Annabelle York – Nonsuch High School for Girls     

Reserves (in order):

Abigail Horton – Ardingley College

Tom Hobbs –  City of London Freemen’s School

Anahita Laverack – City of London School for Girls




and the winner is……

Spacebus Z

 CEOs Victoria Farrant and Brian Kong
The Charter School
Littleover Community School
St Olave’s Grammar School
The Waid Academy



Congratulations to all of the amazing students that took place in the 2018 finals – you are all winners for getting there!

The following twelve students have been selected to represent the UK in the International Space Settlement Design Competition. This will take place at the Kennedy Space Center at the end of July.

UK Team (in alphabetical order)

Shayne Beeghadur     St Olave’s Grammar School

Leo Bennett                   St Olave’s Grammar School

Eve Bracken-Ingram   Waid Academy

David Evans                  St Olave’s Grammar School

Jonathan Haehner     Waid Academy

Rory Hamilton            Waid Academy

Ellie Hotopf                 The Charter School

Nadiya Ivahnenko      St Olave’s Grammar School

Daniel Millett             The Charter School

Orlagh Simpson         Littleover Community School

Freddie Skerrett         St Olave’s Grammar School

Jai Wall                       The Charter School

Reserves (in order)

1st  reserve   Struan Anderson  Waid Academy

2nd reserve   Kayleigh Hoang                St Olave’s Grammar School

3rd reserve   Laura Johnston                Waid Academy

4th reserve   Gregoire Dastros-Pitei  St Olave’s Grammar School







Video Competition Results

Thank you to all the video entrants – you gave our judges a difficult task.

If you were unsuccessful, please try again next year. If you are off to university, or on a gap year, we would welcome you as an alumni at our regional competitions. Please join our facebook site, and look out for details.

The results for the 2018 Video Competition are as follows:
The four teams invited to the finals are, (in alphabetical order),
City of London School for Girls
Derby Grammar School
Nonsuch High School for Girls
St Olave’s (Purple Nebula)
Runners up ( the following, in order, will form the reserve teams, or will be invited if funding is secured)
5th      City of London Freemens
6th      Bournemouth School for Girls
7th      High School of Glasgow
8th      Bede’s Senior School
9th      St Mary Redcliffe
10th = King Edward VI School, Stourbridge
           Westminster School