Capitalizing on the abundance of yttrium on the moon and employing the unique environment in processes, the lab at Balderol created perovskite materials that are superconducting at the positively warm temperature of -75 degrees Celcius, which have become a major export for wires and power transmission. This laboratory continues to be at the forefront of materials research for all applications. The Foundation Society regularly attributes a large portion of its success in being able to undertake such large and ambitious projects on the advances in material properties achieved at Balderol.

Balderol is named after Balder, the beloved second son of the Norse God Odin, and reflects the fact that this is the second Foundation Society lunar settlement.

Research and Manufacturing Settlement

Initial Operating Capacity Achieved – 2052

Location – Jackson Crater, Far side of the Moon

Initial Population – 4000

Predicted Population in 2100 – 16,000 + 1200 transients

This webpage refers to a fictional space settlement which is part of the UK Space Design Competition. No information presented here or implied herefrom should be regarded as factual. Any similarities with real events, places, or persons are purely coincidental.