With the rapid expansion into space infrastructure, it was clear that a specialised manufacturer was needed to deal with the vast quantity of eletronic shielding required for space operations. ElectroProtect started out as a Harvard spin-out company, but as the demand for their product increased, they have grown into a major player in the space game.

ElectroProtect build components for circuitry that can withstand space environments and shielding or protective boxes for components and circuits that cannot be built to withstand local environments.

ElectroProtect stock components run at the same price as the unprotected variants while custom hardware runs at approximately twice the price as unprotected equipment. ElectroProtect charges a yearly membership fee of $400,000 for access to its services and shipping is not included from its Bellevistat manufacturing facility.

Corporate Links

Thanks to the licencing of Flussmitteldurchlässig-VII to ElectroProtect by Kepler Automation, giving the former a significant market advantage, Kepler Automation is offered significant discounts by ElectroProtect. Due to Foundation Society Rules, Kepler may only quote a 20% reduction in the price of ElectroProtect products due to this link.

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