Following the famous Japanese Blackout during the September 2035 total eclipse, CEO Light Amahara realised that the reliance of the world on solar power had resulted in a major gap in the market. This led to the foundation of LightWorks which provides soletta and lunette illumination for lunar and terrestrial surface locations.

The company provides huge orbiting structures that reflect sunlight during the night or during eclipses. The devices consist of sodium-coated fabric made from lunar materials stretched over lightweight composite structures and are constructed in 4,000 km lunar orbits. Six lunettas (each 1 km2, each cost $120,000,000) enable ground-based solar power plants to operate all night.

Lightworks has also purchased the Solaris constellation from Da Vinci Meccanica, which is a constellation of 24 satellites orbiting in Medium Earth Orbit. These satellites are able to transfer power to microwave rectanna within 450,000km of their orbit, as long as they have a clear line of site, as the exceptionally low price of $100,000 per GWh. 

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Due to an excellent relationship between Da Vinci Meccanica and Lightworks CEO Light Amahara following the sale of Solaris, the former is entitled to a 20% discount when using Lightworks services for Foundation Society contracts.

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