Nano Solutions

Nano Solutions

The combination of the continued shrinking of technology alongside new manufacturing techniques in zero-g and vacuum conditions have allowed Nano Solutions to commercialise and market production of programmed nanobots. The company is constantly innovating new nanobot applications, and accepts challenges to design for custom uses.

Programmed nanobots sell by the troy ounce (31.10 grammes) at roughly 10 times the cost of platinum (~$10,500), when delivered they resemble a fine powder the customer applies as a thin layer to the working surface. Service life is one to five Earth years, depending on operating environment and application. In a hard radiation environment such as space, the nanobots have been found to have a half-life of 1 year.

Nano Solutions reprograms nanobots for new tasks (compatible with their original application) for a modest fee. Consultation about the capabilities of the nanobots is required prior to commissioning, however Nano Solutions has committed to a cost of $8,000 per task to be known by each troy ounce of nanobots.


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For applications regarding construction using nanobots, due to previous research contributions, EAI has negotiated a 20% reduction in purchase and reprogramming costs for nanobots.

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