Tubular Technologies

Tubular Technologies

This Subcontractor can only be used during events based in the year 2050 or later.

Founder and CEO Jack Brown may not be the most modest man and will always be the first to remind you that for carbon nanotubes, the length of the product plays a critical role defining its possible applications. He regularly likes to publicly point out that his company has achieved tube lengths double those produced by any of their competition. Despite this lack of modesty, it is undeniable that the rapid advancements of Tubular Technologies in productions of catalysts for creation of carbon fibre has allowed for far wider applications of the material on scales that were hard to imagine only 20 years ag

Tubular Technologies, based on Alexandriat, is the industry-leading producer of carbon nanotubes for industrial and scientific uses, for both space-based and customers on Earth. The company has succeeded in making nanotube cross-linked strings up to 2 km long, although most applications are in the one to ten foot range. Nanotubes add strength to conventional materials; primary customers are manufacturers of construction elements (e.g. for buildings and bridges) and components for machinery, vehicles and tools.

Although the company is vigorously pursuing techniques to produce longer nanotubes, it is not yet able to achieve the 1,000-mile lengths required to build a cable that would withstand the tensile loads of a space elevator to Earth’s surface. However, given the experience the company gained from working on both the Arial settlement and OMTC Nix, it is only a matter of time before they fulfil their vision of an Earth-based space elevator!

Nanotubes are sold in 0.2mm diameter cables for a price given by $(5 * (length2)).

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