West London Regional Heat 2015

The Regional Heats of the UKSDC have begun, and this weekend saw 8 teams of students at Westminster Academy for the West London competition. Many students were already famililar with the competition process, but for those who are new it was certainly an eye opening experience as the participants were subjected to levels of stress and time pressure that they may not ever have encountered before. Each team elected a President and various departmental heads before commencing their design: a high-earth orbit space port for passengers who are transferring to and from interplanetary ships. Due to the larger than usual number of teams, the presentations had to be shortened but this didn’t mean they were any less detailed or impressive – us judges had a hard time agreeing on a clear winner! Ultimately, however, the victors were Flechtel Constructors from Omega Space Club who will now be taking part in the National Finals in March.

The winning team is pictures below with some of the volunteers: