ISSDC Day 4 – 29/7

Assassination in Celebration

A landmark in the town of Celebration, Florida

Today, we went to the town of Celebration – created by Walt Disney as the ideal ‘American town’. This was a really useful experience for the competition itself, as it provided an opportunity to get a feel for the type of settlement we might be designing. It was also very interesting due to a game of ‘Assassin’ which we attempted to play – and never finished.

We then arrived back to the hotel to meet our company members (whilst waiting hours to check into our rooms – much to Louis and Helen’s dismay and despair). In this time, we began to get to know our team members ready for the competition tomorrow.

The UK team is in Rockdonnell with American, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian teams.

The Western Europe team is in Grumbo with American, Indian, Welsh, and Uruguayan teams.