2016 Competition

ISSDC Day 5 – 30/7

Finally, the competition has arrived!

We began the day with breakfast, after which we went to the Kennedy Space Center – which was a surreal experience to know that we were actually here, and to see the scale of the rockets. We then had our introduction, briefings and heard from Chris Ferguson, an astronaut who piloted the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Chris Ferguson tells of life on the Space Shuttle

In our companies, we then elected our management team with the following UK Team members gaining positions in Rockdonnell (with the UK having a clear majority over these positions):

President – Victoria Farrant

Vice-President of Marketing/Sales – Matthew Braz

Director of Structural Engineering – Natasha Cowan

Director of Human Factors – James Drummond

Director of Operations – Jacob Robertson

Also, Jonathan Heywood (EU team – from UK) is President of Grumbo.

All companies have spent the day working on their proposals, and are looking forward to doing more tomorrow.

2016 Competition

Terraforming Mars

Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center

The team arrived early yesterday morning at the Kennedy Space Centre ready to start the design process of their space station which is to have the express purpose of terraforming Mars so that it may become habitable for humans. The team was briefed for the task ahead and then took the time to elect their presidents and heads of department. Congratulations to Victoria Farrant, Matthew Braz, James Drummond, Jacob Robertson, and Natasha Cowan from the UK team and Jonathan Heywood from the UK but on the EU team for being elected into management positions.

We wish the teams the best of luck going into day 2 where the majority of the work will be done.

2016 Competition

Day 4 with a big success for the UK…

Victoria Farrant is the president of Rockdonnell. And it seems that, need verification, that two other of the UK team members are in high ranking positions and two of the EU team members are as well. I am sure that Victoria will be very busy as president but will fill us in with who was elected to what position later. From now on there will not be much time for shopping, swimming or sleep until Monday night.

2016 Competition

From Victoria and Helen in Titusville, Florida

This morning, 16 bright-eyed, eager students arrived at Gatwick airport along with our two keen supervisors, and quickly donned our Hawaiian lei flower necklaces (which attracted many questions from security officers).

After a 9-ish hour flight we landed in Florida where we were immediately hit by the humidity and a quick rainstorm, and eventually we made our way to the Holiday Inn, Titusville.

The main learning point achieved today was: do not try to smuggle in anything to the USA – by which of course I am referring to cucumbers and apples. This we discovered when Tash attempted to bring in 5 cucumbers and 6 apples to Florida, before being informed that they were going to be incinerated (or “disintegrated’ according to Tash).

Overall, it’s been a very interesting, exciting, and cucumber-filled day, and we’re all looking forward to the rest of the trip! 🙂