From Victoria and Helen in Titusville, Florida

This morning, 16 bright-eyed, eager students arrived at Gatwick airport along with our two keen supervisors, and quickly donned our Hawaiian lei flower necklaces (which attracted many questions from security officers).

After a 9-ish hour flight we landed in Florida where we were immediately hit by the humidity and a quick rainstorm, and eventually we made our way to the Holiday Inn, Titusville.

The main learning point achieved today was: do not try to smuggle in anything to the USA – by which of course I am referring to cucumbers and apples. This we discovered when Tash attempted to bring in 5 cucumbers and 6 apples to Florida, before being informed that they were going to be incinerated (or “disintegrated’ according to Tash).

Overall, it’s been a very interesting, exciting, and cucumber-filled day, and we’re all looking forward to the rest of the trip! 🙂