Lunar Hotels and Asteroid Mining Colonies

It’s been a busy fortnight, with two Regional Heats and two Micro-Competitions hosting over a hundred students. We’ve seen some fantastic designs for hotel resorts on the moon, and mining colonies on asteroids.

The Central England Heat, held at the University of Oxford, saw students imagining the future of tourism on the moon. The winning design from Nonsuch High School for Girls featured luminescent lighting and exciting zero-gravity sports.

At Westminster Academy, students were challenged to design a mining colony on the Kuiper-belt asteroid 16-Psyche at the West London Heat. Students from Capital City Academy won the day thanks to their detailed scientific knowledge and use of emerging technologies such as 3D-printing. The judges also commended students from Quintin Kynaston Academy on an innovative structure that wrapped around the asteroid rather than being built into it.

A Lunar Hotel designed by students from Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham.